Functional And High Performing Skin Care Ingredients That Inspire Formulators To Create Exceptional Skin Care Products!

Together with our key partners, we deliver ingredients with essential functionalities and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your products exceed consumer expectations.

Actives – Our next generation actives renew, nourish, protect and beautify high performance skin care products from body creams and lotions to anti-aging creams and sun care.

Aesthetic Modifiers – These quality ingredients provide improved texture and feel creating creams, lotions and colour cosmetics with consumer appeal.

Emulsifiers – Our wide range of emulsifiers offer excellent stabilization allowing you to create smooth and luxuriously spreadable lotions and creams.

Film-forming Polymers – Our film-forming polymers are designed to improve the aesthetic properties of your skin care products offering long lasting wear and continuous coverage.

Preservatives – For product preservation, we offer a full spectrum preservatives product line, which includes innovative preservative blends that not only ensure optimum anti- microbial control but also meet the growing demand for green and natural formulations.

Rheology Modifiers – We carry polymers and surfactant thickeners that thicken, suspend and stabilize formulations producing exceptional aesthetic properties for your skin care products.

Akzo Nobel         Chemipol              Momentive

We deliver the functionalities and technologies formulators need to meet emerging market trends and create superior hair care products with benefits exceeding consumer expectations.

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Additional documents, samples and starting formulations are available upon request.

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