The Next Generation Humectant Is Finally Here! Introducing Akzonobel’s Elfamoist™ Ac

Are you looking for a humectant that will lock in and replenish moisture in the skin without leaving a tacky feel?

ElfaMoist™ AC is a high-performance active that effectively penetrates into the skin keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized for over 30 hours, even after one application.

Key Benefits for formulators:

  • High moisturizing efficacy (instant and lasting over 30 hours)
  • Effective penetration and deposition properties
  • Non-sticky, easily spreadable
  • pH and hydrolytic stability
  • 100% active (as supplied)
  • Liquid form
  • Easy to formulate, providing versatility in delivery to the skin
  • Synergistic effect with other humectants
  • Compatible with most commonly used ingredients
  • Does not impact the color of formulations
  • Cost-in-use; no need to add aesthetic modifiers due to its great aesthetics
  • Can be used in higher concentrations for deeper skin hydration without sticky feel
  • Preservative-free
  • Nitrosamine-free

From simple to multifunctional skin care formulations, it’s easy for you to formulate with ElfaMoist™ AC!

You can use ElfaMoist™ AC in a wide variety of leave-on and rinse-off products and at different concentrations depending on the application and level of skin hydration desired.

The recommended usage levels are:

Leave-on moisturizing products (creams, lotions, gels): 1.0 – 10.0%
Sun care (pre and post sun care products): 1.0 – 10.0%
Rinse-off products (shower gels, body wash, liquid soap, and skin cleansing systems): 1.0 – 20.0%
Color Cosmetics (Foundations, BB creams, blushes): 1.0 – 7.5%

Suggested pH range of final formulations: 4 – 8

Do you need help developing your skin care formulations? Here are some innovative formulations using ElfaMoist™ AC.

  1. All Day Moisture Body Lotion
  2. Nourishing Baby Cream
  3. Replenishing Moisture Mask
  4. Hydrating Tightening Mask Sheet
  5. Hydrating Eye Treatment
  6. Roll-on AP/DEO
  7. Hydrating Clear Hand Soap
  8. Intense Moisture Pudding Cream

For more information on AkzoNobel’s newest innovative skincare active and to request a formulation and prototype, contact your Sales Representative at CCC Ingredients – the exclusive Canadian distributor for AkzoNobel Personal Care or email us at: [email protected]

Download here the product bulletin for Elfamoist