The Problem With Vanilla… Solved!

The vanilla market reached new highs last week as a cyclone hit Madagascar, the growing region for approximately 80-85% of the world’s vanilla crop. As a result of the damage, the price of vanilla pods has risen to an all-time high of approx. $600/kg.

The price was already elevated due to speculation and rising demand, as more consumers search for products produced with natural flavours and ingredients. Inventories were already depleted and pricing had already risen from $100/kg to $450-$500/kg at the start of 2017. As vanilla pods grow from tropical vines, it takes approx. 3 years for a plant to mature and produce beans, meaning this price increase is here to stay for a number of years.

Faced with this kind of situation, many chemists and formulators are increasingly seeking alternative sources. Since the key element of the vanilla flavour is vanillin, it comes as no surprise that this ingredient has become the most popular choice:

Vanillin, the primary component of vanilla bean extract, is a cost-effective substitute to vanilla. Found naturally in vanilla extract at 1-2%, it is available through a synthetic or natural process. Natural Vanillin is able to be labelled as “Natural Flavour” in Canada with no supply issues while meeting consumer demand for clean label.

Vanilla flavours can also be used to provide many different sensory experiences in all food applications. They can be used to enhance specific notes in your final recipe, bring creaminess or mouth feel to your product, or mask off notes in your finished product. Both synthetic and natural label declarations are possible using the Govanil™ and Vanifolia™ lines of functional products.

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