CCC Ingredients Partners With Roha Group In Canada

CCC Ingredients is pleased to announce that we are now the distributor for ROHA food colouring products in the Canadian territory.

A global leader in food colours, ROHA  is a top manufacturer of colors, dyes and pigments used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical production. Their products include lines of natural and synthetic ingredients utilized in an extensive range of applications. Headquartered in Mumbai, ROHA is a multinational company with offices in twenty two countries across the globe, including  state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities in ROHA (India) and   St Louis, Missouri. ROHA’s new 16,000 square-foot Global Center of Expertise opened during the summer of 2016 for Natural Colors is dedicated exclusively to research and development, and production of naturally-derived colours.

Roha has bouquet of brands  like Idacol, Natracol, Futurals and Simpson. Its Natracol™ product line is a range of colours derived from natural sources like beetroot, annatto, turmeric, carrots, paprika, and carotenes. Natracol™ is the established brand for foods, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. The Futurals™ product line  encompasses a broad range of 100 percent natural, brilliant and stable shades made from concentrates of vegetables, fruits, herbs, edible flowers and algaes. Almost the entire colour spectrum is represented in the Futurals™ line. Colours can also be customized to exact customer requirements. GMO-free, these colours, dyes and pigments provide the natural, processed-free, ‘clean label’ foods that today’s health-conscious consumers demand.

“CCC Ingredients’ strategy of partnering with globally recognized and forward-thinking manufacturers is integral to our success as a preferred ingredients supplier. Our customers depend on us to supply them with the highest-quality ingredients available and provide innovative and cost-effective solutions. We are proud to offer our customers products from ROHA, an industry leader committed to delivering functional and innovative colour solutions to the market,” says Sarah Morrison, Business Director – CCC Ingredients.

“We are excited to partner with CCC Ingredients and its team to offer the greatest level of service to our Canadian customers. Strong application support, logistics optimizations and customer care are part of our common DNA with CCC” reinforces Jason Gray, Sales Manager of ROHA Canada.