Grated Cheese Gone Wrong? The Secret Ingredient Every Cheese Manufacturer Should Know!

There is nothing worse than reaching into your bag of shredded mozzarella in order to delicately spread a handful on top of your perfect handmade pizza, only to pull out a big clump of cheese shreds instead that resembles a ball of yarn.  Or how about sitting down to a nice plate of spaghetti and meatballs and going to sprinkle the perfect amount of parmesan cheese on top, only to spoon out the cheese equivalent of a snowball that is practically the size of your meatball.

How does one avoid these scenarios?  Well, that is where cellulose powder comes in.  Cellulose powder is derived from fibrous plant material.  It is odorless and colourless.  Health Canada lists cellulose powder as an approved anti-caking agent in shredded and grated cheeses, with a maximum usage level of 2% (based on the weight of the finished product).  Therefore, when added to shredded and grated cheeses in small amounts, it efficiently and effectively helps to prevent the cheese from caking or clumping together.

When selecting the right product for any grated or shredded cheese product, there are two primary options we offer to cheese manufacturers:

Solka-Floc 200 FCC is a fine creamy white powder comprised of 100% cellulose.

Solka-Floc EXT C1.5 gives you all the anti-caking functionality of Solka-Floc 200 FCC, but it is also blended with a small amount of natamycin.  The addition of natamycin compliments the anti-caking properties of pure cellulose by providing an added antimicrobial benefit that will help delay the formation of mold and extend the shelf life of the shredded or grated cheese.

Either option will help improve the quality of any grated or shredded cheese product.

For more information on our complete line of cellulose powders and functional fibers from Solvaira Specialties, please contact us today!