The Number One Reason Why Milk Protein Concentrates Are Financially Advantageous

Milk Protein Concentrates (MPCs) are complete dairy proteins, meaning that they contain micellar casein, whey proteins and bioactive proteins in the same ratio found in milk.  As the protein content of the MPC increases, the carbohydrate (lactose/milk sugar) levels decrease.

MPCs are used for their nutritional and functional properties.  They have a clean dairy flavour and can enhance the protein level of a finished good without adding significant levels of carbohydrate (lactose) to the formulation.  MPCs also contribute calcium, magnesium and phosphorus to formulations, removing the potential need for additional sources of these minerals.  Lastly, they are multifunctional ingredients that can provide the following benefits when the pH of a product is above 6:

  • Gelling (thickening, water binding)
  • Foaming
  • Emulsification
  • Heat Stability

These benefits are more than just functional in cheese – They are financially advantageous, as well.

Higher protein Milk Protein Concentrates, such as 70%, can replace non-fat dry milk/skim milk powder where a higher level of protein is required.  Traditionally, casein and caseinates would be used here, but MPCs have an improved flavour profile.  Using MPC means that the protein level of the product can be increased for great cheese yield for less capital investment.

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