Salvona Offers Time Release, Triggered Release & Targeted Delivery Actives

We are pleased to announce that we are now the distributor for Salvona Technologies in the Canadian territory. A global leader in the personal care industry, Salvona is a technology-based company that innovates, develops, and manufactures technologies and products for topical cosmetics and dermatology, OTC and Rx. Salvona‘s technologies are used worldwide to solve problems in formulation for topical application.

Since its establishment in 1999, Salvona has followed its principles of offering exclusive proprietary technologies that are eco-friendly and based on natural materials that are safe for consumers and the environment.

Salvona offers patented technology for:

  1. Stabilizing and optimizing actives for topical applications
  2. Time release; maintaining effective level of actives for longer
  3. Triggered release; release on-demand, when triggered with environmental factors such as pressure (rubbing), pH change, enzymes, heat, moisture, etc.,
  4. Targeted delivery; release where it’s needed the most, through specific adhesion to desired sites (i.e. follicles, hair), cellular receptors, etc.

The core competency of Salvona is in utilizing physical cross-linking of polymers and creating solid and condensed structures, which encapsulate drug actives molecules in unique and safe ways. Salvona employs polymers that are biocompatible and biodegradable with excellent safety profiles, all of which are FDA-approved for use in drug materials and the majority of which are GRAS.

Salvona offers a wide variety of off the shelf platforms including SalSphere®, MultiSal®, HydroSal™, MicroSal™, SalColors™ and MacroSal™:

salvona actives

“To further bolster our Personal Care platform, CCC Ingredients is extremely excited to be partnered with such an innovative and technically supportive company as Salvona!  The team is excited to bring these patented and functional products to the Canadian market and in turn help our customers to solve formulation and production challenges”, says Sarah Morrison, Business Director – CCC Ingredients.

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