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Do you know how many flavours people can taste? To be able to prepare formulations that are rich in flavour, it is important to consider what people can truly perceive in their food and beverages. In general, the possible flavours are sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami, kokumi and oleogustus.  Umami refers to “delicious taste” and it is linked to an amino acid that lets our body know that we are eating protein.  Kokumi refers to “rich taste” and is described as giving foods a meatiness or full-bodied mouth feel.  Since 1997, SSI has been enhancing both umami and kokumi using their yeast-based products.

Baker’s Yeast Extract is produced by breaking down the yeast cell walls by autolysis into their natural smaller compounds, or amino acids.  For example, the amino acid thiazene would give a chicken note or more oxazoles would give a roasted note.  These yeast extracts are approved by Whole Foods ( and can be found in soups, sauces, snack seasonings, prepared meals, meats, sweets, dairy, flavours and pet foods, among many others!

Yeast Extract is a natural ingredient made by baker’s yeast – the same yeast used to make bread rise during baking.

SSI offers their straight yeast extracts in their 1000 series of products.  From the #1035, a low cost, efficient yeast extract, to the unique #1029, an extremely dark, high impact product, SSI offers a full range for your varied applications.

You also have the availability of a large range of Yeast-Based Flavours that are made by taking a standard yeast protein and creating a specific reaction to bring out selected flavour notes.  Sold under SSI’s 800 series of products, these natural, vegetarian, clean label items can give a wide variety of tastes to your products.  For example, the #0829 can give a roasted chicken note, the #0850 a beef note and the #0869 can offer a bacon flavour to all applications.

Given how yeast extract works to enhance specific taste receptors, it is also a highly effective Salt Replacer.  You can successfully reduce sodium by up to 40% in your applications using a variety of the SSI technologies.  Two of the most popular products act in different ways.  #1062 is a straight Yeast Extract designed for this application and #0863 is a Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin and Natural Flavour blend, which closely mimics salt.

In addition to these conventional ingredients, and in response to growing market demand, SSI has launched two specialized product lines.  The first, the Savorganic™ line of Organic Extracts and Flavours, was started when SSI worked to become a Certified Organic Processor that meets the criteria of the Oregon Tilth organization.

This line extension, sold under SSI’s 3000 series of products, delivers the clean labeling your consumers look for when purchasing organic products.  Beef and chicken, as well as umami and salt replacement, varieties are available.

Then, most recently, SSI achieved Non-GMO Project Verified status for three of their products.  They are the #1000 Yeast Extract Low Salt High Protein, #1105 Yeast Extract Enhancer and #1107 Low Sodium Autolyzed Yeast Extract.  The Non-GMO Project is “the market leader for GMO avoidance and one of the fastest growing labels in the retail sector. They offer North America’s most trusted third-party verification for non-GMO food and products.”

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